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+TSL 200 Cr.1

In this course, students develop their understanding of and sensitivity to cultural diversity in the United States through the study of English learners (ELs) in public schools. Course topics include discovery of who ELs are, their educational rights, special challenges they may face in schools, and how to address those challenges. Students engage in inquiry-based learning as they ask essential questions about linguistic diversity, education, and educating a multilingual society. Students also learn to evaluate school environments for ELs, and practice skills needed to advocate for ELs. Students apply their knowledge through case studies, role plays, and online and face-to-face discussions. Seven-week course. Prerequisite: EDS 203 or EDS 206 recommended. Offered Fall, Winter, Spring.

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...ethnicity in the United States. Offered Annually. +TSL 200 Cr.1 Introduction to English Language...

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...numbers in the 100/200 series are primarily...Statistics THA: Theatre Arts TSL: Teaching English to...

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