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POL 304 Cr.3

A critical examination of the media in its capacity as the 4th Estate. The course will assess the special relationship that has evolved and its implication for American democracy. Special topics to be examined include: role of the media in the democratic process, limits on the media, the role of bias and opinion, the impact of distortion and propaganda, the media and the electoral process, the media's role in creating news events, and an examination of the media/political relationship in other political systems. Prerequisite: POL 101 or POL 102. Offered Annually.

General Education Program


...212 , POL 212 , WGS 212 . Offered Occasionally. +POL...Fall, Spring, Summer. +MLG 304 Cr.4 Heritage...

Economics Major - Bachelor of Arts (BA)


...208 , MTH 309 ; POL 330 , POL 353 ; PUB...Heritage Language: Intermediate MLG 304 Heritage Language: Advanced...

International Studies Minor: European Emphasis


...3 POL 334 Post-Communist Politics 3 POL...French II 3 GEO 304 Geography of Europe...

Political Science Major - Bachelor of Arts (BA)


...POL 234 Comparative Politics (3 cr.) or POL...Heritage Language: Intermediate MLG 304 Heritage Language: Advanced...

Public Administration Major - Bachelor of Arts (BA)


...of taking POL 261 or POL 361 ; however...Heritage Language: Intermediate MLG 304 Heritage Language: Advanced...

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