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+PH 200 Cr.3

This course introduces the context and scope of public health from historical, modern, and postmodern perspectives. Historical perspective will be used to explain the philosophical foundations, ethics, methods, and essential services that make up public health. Modern perspectives will be used to explain a century of controlling communicable diseases, lengthening lives, and the emergence of new challenges. A postmodern perspective will be used to explore persistent health disparities, social determinants of health, and public health in an era of globalization. Participants will be challenged to consider their role in public health as citizens and/or professionals in a free society. Offered Fall, Spring, Summer.

General Education Program


...in English. Offered Fall - Even Numbered Years. +PH 200 Cr.3 Public Health for the...

PSY - School Psychology Program - Educational Specialist


...Ph.D. Associate Professor Robert J. Dixon , Ph...a one-year, 1,200 hour school internship...

PSY - School Psychology Program - Master of Science in Education


...Ph.D. Associate Professor Robert J. Dixon , Ph...a one-year, 1,200 hour school internship...

Course Information - Undergraduate


...numbers in the 100/200 series are primarily...PAS: Physician Assistant Studies PH: Public Health PHL...

On-Campus Life


...would lead to a Ph.D. as the...current listing of over 200 UW-La Crosse...

Public Health and Community Health Education Major - Bachelor of Science (BS)


...community health education preceptorship ( PH 498 ): apply for...earned at the 100/200 level that transferred...

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