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MIC 230 Cr.4

An introduction to the fundamental principles and applications of microbiology with an emphasis on the role of microorganisms, especially bacteria, in human affairs. Lecture topics include microbial diversity, cell structure and function, growth and metabolism, genetics, genetic engineering, control of microbial growth, host-parasite interactions, immunology, microbial ecology and applied microbiology. Laboratory emphasis is on methods used to cultivate and identify bacteria, genetic techniques, and on standard techniques used in applications of microbiology (clinical, food, industrial, and aquatic). Lect. 2, Lab. 4. Prerequisite: BIO 105; CHM 103. Offered Fall, Spring, Summer.

Microbiology Honors Program


...and twelve credits in the major including MIC 230 ). Provide a transcript demonstrating a 3...

Microbiology - Master of Science


...minimum course of one introductory microbiology course ( MIC 230 Fundamentals of Microbiology or equivalent) . Students...

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