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+MIC 130 Cr.3

A multifaceted examination of issues related to infectious disease throughout the world. The course will begin with historical examples of how infectious disease has impacted society, from plagues of centuries past to recent emerging diseases. After defining the types of pathogens and methods for their control, the interplay between infectious disease and global economics, health and politics will be evaluated. Additionally, the impact of public perceptions and misconceptions on the spread of infectious disease will be analyzed. Finally, the role of current human activities in shaping disease patterns of the future will be explored. Offered Fall, Spring.

General Education Program


...INS 250 , INS 251 . Offered Fall, Spring. +MIC 130 Cr.3 Global Impact of Infectious...

Biology Education Minor


...469 , BIO 499 ; MIC 100 , MIC 130 , MIC 407 , MIC 416 , MIC 425 are not...

Biology Minor


...minor. BIO 102 , MIC 100 , MIC 130 , MIC 407 , MIC 416 , and MIC 425 are...

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