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HIS 335 Cr.3

A survey of the history of China from earliest times to the present. Included are the study of traditional China, the impact of western civilization on that traditional society, and the rise of communism. Offered Alternate Years.

School of Education, Professional and Continuing Education (EPC)


...Department of Educational Studies 335 Morris Hall; 608...unable to continue in his/her program of...

General Education Program


...exerts profound influence upon his or her attitudes...Offered Fall, Spring. +PHL 335 Cr.3 Multicultural...

Gerontology Program (GTL)


...Srinivasan , Ph.D. (Psychology) 335 Graff Main Hall...18 credits outside of his/her major. For...

Computer Science Major - Bachelor of Science (BS)


...400 level courses. PHY 335 , MTH 317 and...student has registered for his or her final...

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