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+GER 399 Cr.3

A course designed to introduce students to great works of German literature. The course will center on representative writings by leading authors of the 19th, 20th, and 21st centuries whose works illustrate important aspects of German history and culture. In general these will be longer works of fiction and/or multiple works by such writers as Kafka, Goethe, Kleist, Mann, Boll, Grass, Wolf, etc. Works and authors will vary. Offered Fall - Odd Numbered Years.

General Education Program


...sophomore standing. Offered Fall - Even Numbered Years. +GER 399 Cr.3 German Literature in Translation...

International Studies Minor: European Emphasis


...GER 300 Advanced German 3 GER 301 An Introduction to German Literature 3 GER 399...

German Studies Major - Bachelor of Arts (BA)


...excluding GER 398 and GER 399 . A maximum of 6 units from GER 326 , GER...

German Studies Minor


...excluding GER 398 and GER 399 . A maximum of 6 units from GER 326 , GER...

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