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+GER 398 Cr.3

A course that critically examines instances of popular culture such as Hollywood movies, reality TV, pop songs, social media sites, and bestselling novels through the lens of various philosophical traditions. Focusing predominantly on German thinkers from the 18th-20th centuries such as Kant, Schopenhauer, Nietzsche, Freud, and Benjamin, the course explores how their ideas can help a person today find deeper meaning in pop culture, as well as how pop culture might aid in understanding these thinkers' difficult theories. Taught in English. Offered Fall - Even Numbered Years.

General Education Program


...knowingly, and unknowingly influenced. Offered Fall, Spring. +GER 398 Cr.3 German Thinkers and Popular...

German Studies Major - Bachelor of Arts (BA)


...excluding GER 398 and GER 399 . A maximum of 6 units from GER 326 , GER...

German Studies Minor


...excluding GER 398 and GER 399 . A maximum of 6 units from GER 326 , GER...

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