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+GEO 102 Cr.3

This course introduces all aspects of maps and how they affect the individual in society. It examines the evolution of maps, the map as an art form, the map as a communication medium for spatial knowledge, the meaning of maps and their relationship to culture and society past and present, the influence of maps on an individual through mass media and the Internet, and the way maps reflect personal and societal points of view. It focuses on privacy and civil liberty issues of the individual in the age of digital information where maps and map databases can disclose the privacy of personal space. In addition, today’s GIS maps (in planning, in marketing, in hazard controls, etc.) embed substantial amounts of personal information that can affect personal security and how our lives are directly, indirectly, knowingly, and unknowingly influenced. Offered Fall, Spring.

General Education Program


...students in all colleges. Offered Fall, Spring. +GEO 102 Cr.3 Maps and Society This...

Biology Education Minor


...minor elective requirement. BIO 102 , BIO 469 , BIO...candidates must also complete GEO 200 ; in addition...

Political Science Major - Bachelor of Arts (BA)


...ANT 202 , ECO 202 , GEO 202 , HIS 202...One modern language course 102 or higher; and...

Political Science Major - Bachelor of Science (BS)


...ANT 202 , ECO 202 , GEO 202 , HIS 202...a modern language course 102 level or higher...

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