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+FRE 220 Cr.3

This course offers both historical and contemporary perspectives on France and its relationship to the Francophone world. Students will examine French history and colonialism and their impact on such regions/countries as Quebec, Martinique, Guadeloupe, Haiti, Senegal, Tahiti, and the Maghreb (North Africa). This course will also explore the multiple identities (based on ethnicity, race, gender and sexual orientation) that continue to "disrupt" the notion of a collective French consciousness as it persists today. These include North-African and Russian immigrants, Jews, women, gays and lesbians. Taught in English. Offered Spring.

General Education Program


...regional practices and issues. Offered Fall, Spring. +FRE 220 Cr.3 France and the Francophone...

Modern Languages Department (MLG)


...given for FRE 220 , for FRE 331 or SPA 331 , or for FRE 326 / GER...

French Minor


...21 credits above FRE 201 , distributed as followed: 1 FRE 220 or FRE 395 may...

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