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+ERS 220 Cr.3

This course will trace how popular entertainment mediums such as film, television, books, comics, "wild west shows," music and cartoons have impacted perceptions of ethnic and racial groups from the early seventeenth century to the present. Besides analyzing the persuasive power of these types of mediums, it will examine why such representations were created and why they still persist. The mythopoeic image that surrounds American Indians, African Americans, Asian Americans, Hispanics, and other minority groups will be juxtaposed against the historical reality that these groups have faced and the contemporary inequalities that we still must confront. Prerequisite: ERSĀ 100. Offered Fall, Spring.

General Education Program


...concurrent enrollment in ENG 112 . Offered Occasionally. +ERS 220 Cr.3 Ethnic and Racial Stereotyping...

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