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ENG 304 Cr.3

An advanced writing course designed especially for students majoring in the arts and humanities. The course will focus on the types of inquiry and discourse appropriate to these disciplines. Students will be instructed in the rhetorical strategies of invention (that is, discovering content and establishing lines of reasoning, analyzing audience, and determining the writer’s purpose and persona), arrangement and style. Not open for credit in the English education major or minors except for credit in the professional writing minor. Prerequisite: ENG 110 or ENG 112; sophomore standing. Offered Annually.

General Education Program


...literacy requirements ( ENG 110 or ENG 112 , and...Fall, Spring, Summer. +MLG 304 Cr.4 Heritage...

English Major: Literature Emphasis - Bachelor of Arts (BA)


...literature course; must complete ENG 301 Foundations for...Heritage Language: Intermediate MLG 304 Heritage Language: Advanced...

International Studies Minor: European Emphasis


...3 ENG 203 English Literature I 3 ENG...French II 3 GEO 304 Geography of Europe...

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