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+ENG 204 Cr.3

Encounters with major works of English literature of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, including fiction, drama, essays, and poetry. Prerequisite: ENG 110 or ENG 112 or concurrent enrollment in ENG 112. Offered Fall, Spring.

General Education Program


...or ENG 112 or concurrent enrollment in ENG 112 . Offered Fall, Spring. +ENG 204 Cr...

English Major: Literature Emphasis - Bachelor of Arts (BA)


...literature course; must complete ENG 301 Foundations for...Languages: Intermediate II MLG 204 Heritage Language: Intermediate...

English Major: Writing and Rhetoric Emphasis - Bachelor of Arts (BA)


...from ENG 304 , ENG 305 , ENG 306 , ENG...Languages: Intermediate II MLG 204 Heritage Language: Intermediate...

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