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EDS 402 Cr.2

This course is the first field experience in a school environment. Teacher candidates will be introduced to professionalism, classroom management, and conflict resolution. Teacher candidates will plan and teach lessons within the designated developmental range. Teacher candidates are expected to complete at least 100 hours in their field placement setting, to be arranged with the course instructor and Office of Field Experience. Prerequisite: EDS 308, EDS 311; must be taken concurrently with EDS 413 and either EDS 412 or EDS 418; admission to teacher education program; junior standing. Consent of department. Offered Fall, Spring.

Special Education Program


The special education minor  prepares teacher education candidates to earn a Cross-Categorical Special Education Certification (#801). Teacher candidates choose an emphasis area within the fields of Cognitive Disabilities (CD), Emotional Behavior Disorders (EBD), or Specific Learning Disabilities (SLD). Certification courses generally follow a fall-only or spring-only course delivery model at the undergraduate level. Candidates may choose between two developmental ranges: middle childhood-early adolescence (MC-EA) (ages 6-13 years) or early adolescence-adolescence (EA-A) (ages 11-21 years). Early childhood-adolescence (EC-A) candidates may choose to complete the special education certification at the EA-A developmental range. All candidates must apply for admission to the special education minor separately from other teacher education programs.

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