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+ECO 212 Cr.3

Through a mixture of face-to-face, online, and experiential methods, students will explore, examine, and compare and contrast the concept of economic justice from several theoretical perspectives including Amartya Sen, John Rawls, and Fredrich Hayek. From there the course will explore human rights and economics, the role of formal and informal institutions and the role of globalization. Students will be exposed to examples of women's rights and how the expansion of personal justice relates to economic development. Lastly, students will be exposed to data and other tools used to measure economic justice, freedom and individual rights through an analysis of different databases on human rights and institutions. Students may only earn credit in one of the following: ANT 212, ECO 212, ENG 212, PHL 212, POL 212, WGS 212. Offered Occasionally.

General Education Program


...following: ANT 212 , ECO 212 , ENG 212 , PHL 212 , POL 212 , WGS 212 . Offered Annually...

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