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+CT 100 Cr.3

Computational thinking represents a universally applicable collection of concepts and techniques borrowed from computer scientists. This course is designed to teach how to think algorithmically; to examine the ways that the world's information is encoded and how this impacts our lives; to explore the capabilities and limitations of computers from the past, the present and the future; to apply software design diagrammatic techniques to model real-world systems; to learn how the rules of logic apply to computation, reasoning and discourse; to examine how computers both enhance and constrain our lives; to explore many of the problem solving strategies used by software developers and how they are useful to you. Offered Fall, Spring.

General Education Program


...or above MTH 151 . Offered Fall, Spring. +CT 100 Cr.3 Introduction to Computational Thinking...

Course Information - Undergraduate


...with numbers in the 100/200 series are...Science CS: Computer Science CT: Computational Thinking CST...

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