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+CHI 305 Cr.3

This course provides a general survey of the most important Chinese writers of the 20th century and their works. Literary works are discussed in their social, cultural, and historical contexts. Taught in English and based entirely on translated texts, the course is ideal for students with little or no Chinese background who are nevertheless drawn to one of the most vibrant literary cultures in the world. Offered Spring - Even Numbered Years.

General Education Program


...Offered Annually. Humanistic Studies (GE 07) Literature +CHI 305 Cr.3 Introduction to Modern Chinese...

English Major: Writing and Rhetoric Emphasis - Bachelor of Arts (BA)


...from ENG 304 , ENG 305 , ENG 306 , ENG...S. degree. Language courses (CHI, FRE, GER, RUS...

International Studies Minor: Asian Emphasis


...CHI 202 Intermediate Chinese II 4 CHI 305 Introduction to Modern Chinese Literature 3 CHI...

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