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CEI 475 Cr.3-15

A sequel to CEI 450 for the student who has previously served an internship under CEI 450 and utilized all available credit therein (i.e., 15). This course is only for approved students seeking an academically relevant field experience in government, industry, business, or community agencies. The internship assignment must be approved and the grade assigned by the department in which the student is majoring. The experience will be supervised closely by the intern’s on-site supervisor, by the Career Services Staff, and by the student’s faculty internship adviser. Students must be on their internship worksite during the academic term for which they are registered for academic credit. Credits earned in this course do not count toward the completion of the major or toward the completion of a degree. These credits will not be averaged into the student’s grade point average. Consent of instructor. Pass/Fail grading. Offered Occasionally.

Computer Science Department (CS)


...enroll in CEI 450 Cooperative Education/Internship (1-15 cr.) or CEI 475 University-wide...

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