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+BIO 102 Cr.3

An intra-disciplinary approach to investigating current issues within the biological sciences. Specific topics under the general categories of health, medicine, environment, genetics, and industrial technology will be identified, described and characterized. The science underlying the issue will be explored and the potential impact (past and future) of applied scientific advances within the respective disciplines will be examined in depth. Not applicable to a major or minor in biology. Offered Occasionally.

General Education Program


...enrollment. Offered Fall. Science, technology, and society +BIO 102 Cr.3 Contemporary Issues in Biological...

Biology Education Minor


...the biology minor elective requirement. BIO 102 , BIO 469 , BIO 499 ; MIC 100 , MIC 130...

Biology Minor


...of BIO 303 , BIO 312 , BIO 313 can be applied to the minor. BIO 102...

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