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+ART 302 Cr.3

This course provides a discovery of the connections between visual art and a variety of disciplines. Cultural values and the social institution of education will be examined. Through inquiry, analysis, and research, students will explore art as a form of perceptual, social, and cultural learning. Students will develop guiding questions, rubrics, and procedures for the instruction of visual art education and will consider a model of instruction which guides and nurtures creativity and higher level thinking skills. Prerequisite: completion of at least 45 university credits. Offered Fall, Spring.

General Education Program


...visual language of photographs. Offered Fall, Spring. +ART 302 Cr.3 Visual Language in the...

English Major: Writing and Rhetoric Emphasis - Bachelor of Arts (BA)


The English major with a writing and rhetoric emphasis provides an excellent education in the discipline with a credit load that allows for great flexibility in selecting compatible minors or a double major, as well as in exploring various other fields of knowledge through elective coursework. With proper planning, the Bachelor of Arts degree with an English major can be earned in four years.

Management Major - Bachelor of Science (BS)


...the following courses: MGT 302 Advanced Business Communication...for the Bachelor of Arts or the Bachelor...

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