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+ANT 102 Cr.4

This course introduces the basic fields of physical anthropology: population genetics, human osteology, primatology, pale anthropology, and forensics. The class provides a substantive framework for learning about the biological diversity of the human species through scientific inquiry. The foundations of evolutionary theory and the fossil evidence for human evolution are also presented. Lect. 3, Lab. 2. Offered Annually.

General Education Program


...Offered Annually. Science (GE05) Natural laboratory sciences +ANT 102 Cr.4 Introduction to Physical Anthropology...

Political Science Major - Bachelor of Arts (BA)


...they have already taken ANT 202 , ECO 202...One modern language course 102 or higher; and...

Political Science Major - Bachelor of Science (BS)


...they have already taken ANT 202 , ECO 202...a modern language course 102 level or higher...

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