2016-17 Catalog

Publication date June 2016

Student Affairs Administration in Higher Education: UW-RF Partner - Master of Science in Ed

Designed for individuals who are seeking student affairs experience, the partner program involves enrolling in the SAA partner program while gaining professional experience as a paid "Graduate Student Intern" (a.k.a. Graduate Assistant) at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls. Partner program courses primarily utilize blended and online components.

Student Affairs Administration admission policy

Admission to graduate study does not constitute admission to the Student Affairs Administration in Higher Education Program. Priority application deadline is February 1 each year. The application process for the SAA Program consists of three parts:

  1.  Complete the UW System online application and have official transcripts sent to UW-L admissions office from all institutions previously attended.
  2. Complete the SAA application process by submitting the following:
    1. Resume
    2. Essay 
    3. SAA Applicant Waiver Form
    4. Reference Form submitted by two references
  3. Finalists may need to participate in an interview either on campus or by telephone or Skype with the SAA Admissions Committee.

Enrollment in SAA courses is restricted to graduate students in the SAA program, unless given special permission by the department chair.


40 credits

SAA 700Professional Practice in Student Affairs3
SAA 702Student Development Theory3
SAA 704Leadership in Higher Education3
SAA 705History of Higher Education3
SAA 706Advising and Supporting3
SAA 708Diversity in Higher Education3
SAA 710Administration in Higher Education3
SAA 720Special Topics in Student Affairs Administration (Three semesters are required, one credit each; one semester may be substituted with SAA 775 for one credit)3
SAA 730Legal Aspects of Student Affairs3
SAA 745University Finance and Governance3
SAA 765Assessment in Student Affairs3
SAA 781Student Affairs Administration Internship 13
SAA 790Capstone in Student Affairs Administration3
SAA 701Student Affairs and Technology1
Total Credits40

Students with prior/current experience in higher education may have SAA 781 waived contingent upon submitting required documentation and receiving department chair's approval.

Graduate degree requirements

After being admitted to the program of one's choice, candidates for a graduate degree must:

  1. Complete any preliminary course work and deficiencies.
  2. Complete all courses and other program requirements, including residence requirements prescribed for the degree desired in the respective school or college within a seven-year period from the date of initial enrollment.
  3. Earn at least one-half of the minimum number of credits required in the program in graduate-only level courses (non-slash courses).
  4. Earn a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.00.
  5. Satisfy thesis, seminar paper, terminal/graduate projects, or comprehensive examination, where applicable. A thesis approved by the committee must be submitted to the Director of Graduate Studies for approval at least two weeks before commencement. Ordinarily, a seminar paper or project report does not have to be approved by the Director of Graduate Studies. However, if the seminar paper or project report is to be archived in Murphy Library, the student must follow the same rules as they apply to the thesis requiring approval from the Director of Graduate Studies. For further research/thesis guidelines, see the Office of Graduate Studies.
  6. File a completed "Intent to Graduate" form online via the WINGS Student Center immediately following registration for the final semester or summer term in residence. December graduates and winter intersession should file by May 1. May and summer graduates should file by December 1.
  7. Pay the graduation fee and remove all other indebtedness to the university. Payment of graduation fees does not imply readiness for graduation and does not take the place of applying for graduation.
  8. Complete all requirements within 30 days after the official ending date of a term in order for a degree to be awarded for that term. (See #5 above for separate deadline for written capstone experience.)
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