2018-2019 Catalog

Publication date June 2018

Reading Teacher Certification Program

This multifaceted, online Reading Teacher Certification Program is designed to meet the needs of educators who are interested in

  1. ongoing professional development in reading education and
  2. certification in the State of Wisconsin as a Reading Teacher (1316 license).


Applicants for admission to any of the graduate Reading Program tracks (including international students applying to the Master of Science without certification program) must meet all the requirements established for general admission to graduate studies at UWL.  

In addition, applicants to one of the Reading Program tracks with certification (Reading Teacher with Master of Science, Reading Teacher and Specialist with Master of Science, Reading Teacher Add-On Certification) must also submit copies of teaching licenses or certificates. Applicants to these programs who do not have a teaching license or certificate must show proof of:

  • Completion of student teaching or equivalent in pre K-12 schools,
  • Completion of a baccalaureate degree
  • Eligibility to be certified or licensed as a pre K-12 teacher

Reading Teacher (1316) or Reading Specialist (5017) certification is contingent upon:

  • Satisfactory completion of appropriate Reading Program coursework, associated experiences, and artifacts (thesis, portfolio, etc.)
  • Passing score on the Foundations of Reading Test (FoRT; score of 240 or higher),
  • Successful completion of at least two years of teaching at the pre K-12 level.


(18 credits)

Required courses
RDG 601Literacy and Language Development for Diverse Learners3
RDG 702Reading and Literacy in the Content Areas3
RDG 703Literacy Assessment and Instruction3
RDG 712Critical Issues in Reading Difficulties3
RDG 714Literacy Practicum3
RDG 715Children's and Adolescent Literature3
Total Credits18

For licensure, candidates must also have earned a passing score (240) on the Foundations of Reading Test (FoRT) and have completed two years of successful teaching in pre K-12 schools. 

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