2018-2019 Catalog

Publication date June 2018

School Health Education (SHE) - Graduate Courses


SHE 407/507 Cr.3

Health Education in the Elementary School

Introduction of the school health program for the elementary education major and physical education major. Consideration is given to school health services and healthy school living, with a further emphasis on health instruction and health content for the elementary school. Prerequisite: admission to teacher education. Offered Occasionally.

SHE 410/510 Cr.6

Application of Curriculum Processes and Instructional Techniques

This senior level experience provides an opportunity to apply the knowledge, skills, and dispositions of the Interstate Teacher Assessment and Support Consortium Standards (InTASC). The primary focus is on a teacher candidate's growth and development in the InTASC standards. The traditional field experience or participation in a Professional Development School experience will address how the InTASC standards impact teaching and learning. Further analysis of method selection and instructional strategy development is included from a practical as well as philosophical point of view. Lect 4, Lab 2. Offered Fall.

SHE 415/515 Cr.3

School Leadership for Health Educators

This course will develop teacher candidates’ leadership skills in school health programming. An overview will be included on the following topics: group dynamics, leadership theories and styles, resources and grants, curriculum assessment and analysis, administration and coordination of health curriculum, and professional skills. Prerequisite: SHE 310 or equivalent. Must be taken concurrently with SHE 510 and acceptance into teacher education program. Offered Fall.

CHE/SHE 475/575 Cr.1-3

Workshop in Health Education

Group study of varying health education topics, community agencies, and educational institutions. Repeatable for credit under different topics - maximum six credits combined CHE/SHE. (Cross-listed with CHE/SHE.) Departmental option for pass/fail grading. Consent of instructor. Offered Occasionally.

SHE 705 Cr.2

Introduction to School Health Education

This introductory course will cover the components of Comprehensive School Health Education programs including: basic health knowledge, central health concepts, health tools of inquiry, and pedagogical practices within the field of health education; the role, function, and responsibility of a health education teacher; an overview of health content and common teaching strategies; history of health education; common school health education philosophical and theoretical approaches; and National and State Health Education Standards. Prerequisite: admission to school health education 910 or master's degree program. Offered Spring.

SHE 710 Cr.3

Leadership in Health Education

This course will provide graduate students with the knowledge and skills necessary to provide leadership for health education in their schools and communities. Included will be an overview of comprehensive/ coordinated school health programs, behavioral change theory, leadership skill development, community partnership development, and program planning and administration. Offered Summer.

SHE 715 Cr.3

Health Education Curriculum and Pedagogy

This course will provide graduate students with the knowledge and skills necessary to develop effective curriculum and learning strategies for health education. The course will provide a hands-on atmosphere where knowledge is used and skills are practiced. Offered Summer.

SHE 720 Cr.4

Health Issues of Youth and Adults

This exploratory course is designed to identify health issues affecting youth throughout various stages of their development. Societal institutions supporting the healthy growth and development of youth will be identified, while students consider strategies to enable the healthy mental, emotional, physical, social, spiritual, and environmental development of today's youth between the ages of 1-21 years. In addition, this course will provide graduate students who do not have an undergraduate major in health education with the necessary background in health content areas (nutrition, physical activity, sexuality, stress, violence/abuse, substance use and abuse, disease prevention, environmental health, consumer health and mental and emotional health), with application to their own lives. This course will function as a hybrid course with both classroom instruction and distance learning. Prerequisite: SHE 705; admission to school health education 910 certification or master's degree program. Offered Spring.

SHE 792 Cr.1

Student Teaching/Intern Seminar

Through this course for student teachers/interns, university course work is correlated with successful teaching practices in the schools. Students build on their knowledge base, reflect on their teaching, and analyze school culture with their peers. Each seminar aligns with the InTASC Model Core Teaching Standards based on the needs of the student teachers/interns. To be taken concurrently with SHE 494 or 495. Pass/Fail grading. Offered Fall, Spring.

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