2019-2020 Catalog

Publication date June 2019

Psychology (PSY) - Graduate Courses


PSY 710 Cr.2-3

Educational Psychology: Human Development

This course explores human development with an emphasis on issues that are relevant to establishing effective conditions for successful learning in school contexts. Major topics include developmental theories and issues, and cognitive, language and social-emotional development. In addition, individual differences, multiple influences on developmental processes, multicultural and gender issues and the role of early experiences are examined. Repeatable for credit - maximum three. Prerequisite: admission to a program leading to certification in a school related profession, and an undergraduate course in developmental psychology (e.g., lifespan, child or adolescent). Offered Fall.

PSY 717 Cr.3

Behavior Disorders in Children

Psychological aspects of behavioral disorders in children. Includes the study of etiology, symptoms and treatment of behavior disorders in children. Consent of instructor. Offered Summer.

PSY 725 Cr.3

Research and Program Evaluation in Schools

This course is designed to increase competencies in understanding and applying educational research and provide skills to successfully participate in school wide evaluation and improvement efforts. Prerequisite: STAT 145 or equivalent. Offered Summer.

PSY 756 Cr.3

Early Childhood Assessment

This course will provide an in-depth review of best practices of formal and informal assessment techniques in early childhood. Such techniques will be discussed in context to the four major functions of assessment: screening, diagnosis/eligibility, program planning, and program evaluation. The course will focus on procedural considerations in assessing cognition, motor skills, communication, play, socialization, behavior, and adaptive skills in early childhood. Issues of test development, standardization, reliability, validity, and report writing will also be explored. The challenges of assessing young children and meeting the ongoing needs of the child and family will be addressed. Prerequisite: Graduate status. Consent of instructor. Offered Fall.

PSY 759 Cr.3

Assessment of Personality and Emotional/Behavioral Disorders

Models of personality assessment. Reliability, validity and applications of personality, cognitive and behavioral measures. Planning, collecting and integrating data. Outlining and writing reports. Emphasis on assessing behavioral and emotional problems in children and youth. Prerequisite: SPY 757 and SPY 775. Offered Spring.

PSY 770 Cr.2-3

Educational Psychology: Learning and Instruction

Consideration of psychological principles, concepts, processes, and interpretations of human learning and cognition and related empirical evidence. Emphasis is given to those most relevant to establishing effective conditions for instruction and learning in schools Prerequisite: admission to a program leading to certification in a school-related occupation. Offered Occasionally.

PSY 795 Cr.1-3

Directed Study in Psychology

Directed readings or presentation of psychological material not available in formal departmental courses. Repeatable for credit - maximum four. Offered Occasionally.

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