2019-2020 Catalog

Publication date June 2019

Educational Media (EDM) - Graduate Courses


EDM 710 Cr.3

Preparation of Instructional Materials

Design and preparation of instructional materials for use by teachers and media specialists in schools, business and industry. Presents advanced techniques for the utilization of mounting, lettering, computer graphics and other illustration techniques for such final products as paste-ups, transparencies, slide-tape series and displays. A laboratory fee is charged. Materials produced from individually exercised options are retained by the students. Offered Occasionally.

EDM 740 Cr.2-3

Library Media Applications of Microcomputers

Microcomputer based operations such as circulation systems, catalog systems, data base searching, and applications software are covered. Also included are the selection of software and hardware, and the role of the library as a computer resource center. Repeatable for credit - maximum two. Offered Occasionally.

EDM 760 Cr.2-3

Introduction to Educational Research

Emphasis on the concepts and current processes associated with historical, descriptive, and experimental studies. The identification and examination of print and non-print material sources used in retrieving information will be studied. Practice will be given in reviewing and critiquing current, published research studies and in developing a proposal for a research study. Repeatable for credit - maximum three. Offered Occasionally.

EDM 772 Cr.3

School Media Supervisor

Role of the school media supervisor, director, coordinator, or consultant on state, regional, district levels. How this person functions in educational administration, curriculum development, centralized acquisition and processing centers. Principles and problems involved. Offered Occasionally.

CI/EDM/EFN/RDG 796 Cr.1-2

Independent Study

Directed readings or presentation of material not available in formal departmental courses under the supervision of an assigned staff member. Repeatable for credit - maximum four. (Cross-listed with CI/EDM/EFN/RDG; may only earn four credits total in CI, EFN, EDM, and RDG.) Offered Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer.

EDM 799 Cr.2-6

Terminal Projects

As the culminating experience in a graduate program, the student is given three alternative opportunities: 1) complete a practicum in a library/instructional media center; 2) produce an expressive or instructional program of professional proportions; 3) select a problem for individual study and write a seminar paper. In options 2 and 3, the student will develop a performance contract with a project committee. A written narrative may be required as a companion to the project. Repeatable for credit - maximum six. Offered Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer.

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