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Publication date June 2019

Transfer Credits - Graduate

The Office of University Graduate Studies at UWL subscribes to the statement by the Council of Graduate Schools that describes a master's program as a coherent sequence of lectures, seminars, discussions, and independent studies or investigations designed to help the student acquire an introduction to the mastery of knowledge, creative scholarship, and research in the student's field. The college or university that offers a master's degree undertakes a responsibility in the public interest to establish and maintain high quality in the experience given to its students.

Thus, a graduate program of study is not merely a collection of courses taken in satisfaction of a set of degree requirements. A high quality graduate experience is characterized by graduate students, advised and taught by faculty scholars, participating in an intellectual and creative pursuit and interchange with other students and faculty in the discipline.

The following transfer policy has been established in keeping with a commitment to highest quality and integrity.

Graduate level transfer credit policy

In order to be considered for graduate transfer credit at UWL, these requirements must be met:

  1. Transfer credits will not be accepted with grades lower than "B" (not "BC" or "B-") or equivalent nor with grades of "pass." Staff from the Admissions Office may assist in evaluation of courses from international institutions.
  2. The institution offering the course must be regionally accredited at the graduate level if it is a domestic institution, or internationally recognized if it is an international institution.1
  3. The course must be acceptable for graduate credit toward a graduate degree at the offering institution and must be appropriate to a degree at UWL.
  4. It must appear as a graduate course on the student's graduate transcript from the offering institution.
  5. Students pursuing a master's degree may transfer no more than nine credits from a previous master's degree or other recognized post-baccalaureate degree program, regardless of whether the graduate degree was awarded by UWL or another institution. This maximum may vary in the case of special consortia or joint degree programs recognized by the Graduate Council. Students pursuing a post-master's degree (Ed.S. or DPT), may transfer no more than 15 credits.
    Students pursuing the Ed.D. in Student Affairs Administration and Leadership, which is part of the UW System Ed.D. Cooperative Program, may receive permission from the chair of the Student Affairs Administration Department to transfer up to 18 credits.
  6. All credits, including transfer credits, must have been earned during the seven-year period prior to the proposed date of the completion of all required graduate work.
  7. Students must submit a formal request for approval of transfer credits. Students currently enrolled at UWL must secure approval from their graduate program director and college dean in advance of enrollment at another institution for such course work to transfer back to UWL.
  8. UWL Admissions Office requests transcripts be sent directly from the issuing institution(s). Officials will not accept transcripts that come directly from the student and/or those marked "Issued to Student" unless the transcript(s) remains sealed in an envelope stamped by the issuing institution(s). 

Graduate program directors have discretion in evaluating proposed transfer credits and determining if graduate courses taken at other institutions may apply to a student's program of study at UWL. In addition to reviewing an official graduate transcript, graduate program directors may request to review a course syllabus, written assignments, and examinations in order to assist them in their evaluations. Other factors that may be considered include the method of course delivery and course format. Individual program directors may have program-specific information on credit transfer policies and procedures.

UWL MS Biology: Nurse Anesthesia Concentration may transfer credits from Mayo Clinic Health System- Franciscan Healthcare School of Anesthesia which is Nationally Accredited.

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